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Wedding Day Boudoir At Villa Antonia Texas

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Dallas Film Wedding PhotographerDallas Boudoir Photographer on Wedding DayDallas Bride at Villa Antonia in Austin, Texas Bridal Boudoir session by Jenny McCann Dallas boudoir photographer by Jenny McCann. Bridal boudoir session by Dallas photographer. Dallas bride getting ready details at Villa Antonia.Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann boudoir.Dallas bride getting ready at Villa Antonia wedding venue.Dallas boudoir session by Jenny McCann.Dallas bride getting ready at Villa Antonia.Flower girl at Villa Antonia wedding venue in Austin.Dallas bride at Villa Antonia wedding venue in Austin.Dallas bride wears Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.

Wedding Day Boudoir

These images above were all from a single roll of Ilford Delta 3200 film taken on a Contax 645 at Villa Antonia in Austin, Texas. It wasn’t an elaborate shoot – just a quick Wedding Day boudoir session before Julia slipped into her dress and walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

I’m sharing them in the order they were taken, which I think is an interesting (photography) exercise.  As you can see each shot was deliberate. Knowing each frame is money flying out of your wallet makes you consider each shot thoughtfully. That’s the difference between photographing with digital vs film. Photographers tend to rapid-fire the same pose when shooting digital – myself included – so, it’s nice to switch it up and slow down. Wedding days are a flurry of nerves and excitement and these images don’t even hint at that stress. To me, it looks like a bride slowly getting ready on her calm and serene wedding day. The grainy black and white film makes the images feel classic and timeless. I am thrilled with the results.

Empowering Women

If you follow me on Instagram @jennymccann you may have noticed that I’ve been talking about boudoir sessions a lot lately. I even created a new boudoir gallery on my website to show off my portfolio that I’ve been working on. I am having so much fun with boudoir. It has brought a whole new fascination back into photography for me. I also love that women are finding boudoir just as empowering as it is for me. Boudoir is not just about “sexy” photos for your significant other. Women are discovering that it’s more about doing it for themselves. That kickass, walking-on-cloud-nine feeling after finishing a boudoir session is intoxicating. And I am usually right there next to you feeling like a badass after a boudoir session too. I can’t wait to share more of these incredible moments with women.


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