Ten is the number of years this boy is. Ten years since he burst forth into the world changing the course of my life. Ten years. Wow. A decade of being a mother. How clear in my mind the day of his birth is. I remember the Doctor coming in and saying, Ok, we’re ready to go! All of a sudden I started moaning and breathing deeply. She looked up What’s wrong? Where does it hurt? (I had an epidural so nothing was hurting.) I moaned back, Nothing huuurts. I’m juuust scaaaared!  I can laugh at this now but I was feeling true terror. It still terrifies me, actually. The idea that we’re responsible for making sure this boy grows up to be a good man blows my mind.

Alrighty then, on to photos before I give myself a panic attack. ; )

I happened upon the coolest wildflower field and knew this is where I wanted to take him for his birthday photos. I wanted something moody so I used all grainy black and white film. The weather even cooperated with stormy clouds off in the distance. I love how they came out. Nothing fancy, just him being a boy. Sometimes simple is best.
Family photographer, Jenny McCann, in Dallas texas. Dallas film photographer, Jenny McCann, in wildflower field. Cowboy theme session in Dallas, TX. Film photographer Jenny McCann in hay bale field in Dallas, Texas. Model portfolio work by Dallas photographer, Jenny McCann. Cowboy in Dallas in wild flower field.Cowboy session by Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann.Black and white ilford delta by Dallas photographer.Dallas photographer captures cowboy on film.Dallas cowboy on wild flower hay bale.Dallas film photographer photographs cowboy in wild flower field.


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