Midcentruy modern wedding by Jenny McCann Dallas wedding photographer.

Mid-century Modern Wedding in Dallas


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Dallas couple in retro Cadillac getaway car.Retro wedding dress by Lulu Bridal in Dallas. 1967 Vintage Cadillac Eldorado in front of Cupaioli House in Dallas, Texas.Dallas bride getting ready with bridesmaids in midcentruy modern wedding. Historic Cupaioli House in Dallas, Texas.Dress designed by Edward Cupaioli dress designer for Neiman Marcus.Double exposure captured on film of Dallas bride.Close up detail of engagement ring and wedding bands by Dallas photographer Jenny McCann.Groom getting ready in Cupaioli House.Groom cheers with his groomsmen in Dallas Cupaioli House.Double exposure at Dallas wedding by Jenny McCann. Back lit Dallas couple on their wedding day by Jenny McCann.Bride and Groom in front of the Cupaioli House in Dallas.Tropical bouquets for Dallas bride by Grace of Love events.Dallas bride and groom in front of Cadillac Eldorado getaway car.Dallas, Texas backyard wedding by Jenny McCann.Ceremony by Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann.Couple exchanges vows by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann.Brides with dress from Lulu Bridal and blue bridesmaids dresses from Nordstroms and Azazie.Dallas bride at midcentury modern wedding by Jenny McCann.Dallas getaway car in front of Cupaioli House by Jenny McCann.Teal bridesmaids dresses and tropical bouquets at Dallas wedding.Dallas groom in suit from Mens Wearhouse by Jenny McCann.Dallas bride and groom inside vintage getaway car by Jenny McCann.Retro location for midcentury modern wedding in Dallas, Texas.Reception decor by Grace of Love events Dallas wedding planner.First kiss as husband and wife by Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann.Couple walking toward Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann. Dallas backyard wedding reception by Jenny McCann.First dance at Dallas backyard wedding reception.Champagne tower by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann.Colorful confetti exit by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann.


Mid-century Modern Wedding in Dallas

I have one heck of a backyard wedding to share with you filled with color and history and so much love!

But first, I have to tell you about the location. The historic 1957 Cupaioli House in Dallas, Texas is absolutely insane. I have never seen anything like it. Seriously it is the house of my dreams. It is a completely preserved Mid-century Modern home, included with decor from the original owners, fashion designer Edward Cupaioli and wife singer Margaret. Legend has it their house was a gathering place for the likes of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day. Oh if those walls could talk!

As a photographer I have been in a lot of nice homes but this was the only home I had a moment visualizing myself living in. Even now I just want to LIVE in these photos. I want to pull up in this boat of a Cadillac with my 2.5 kids in the backseat with no seat belts on and carry my groceries in paper bags, my bell bottoms swinging below, and walk into this bitchin house and sip tang by the pool while I smoke Virginia slims. I can see it all happening!!

How very lucky for Brynna and Sawyer to be family friends with the current owners of the Cupailoi House. To be given the blessing to get married there must have been icing on the cake. And how lucky for ME that this stylish couple was looking specifically for a wedding photographer who could capture their day on film. yay me!

As soon as Melissa Tacker from Grace of Love Events contacted me and described the wedding day details I immediately fell in love with Brynna and Sawyer’s creative vision. These high school sweethearts wanted an intimate, mid-century modern feel to their wedding to play off the cool retro vibe of the home. They even had a classic 1967 Cadillac Eldorado as their getaway car and requested double exposure photos! (which were all done in camera with film, i might add. eh hem) It was glorious. I’m so lucky I got to spend the day in MCM heaven with them.



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