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film fridays: a personal project where I put down my digital camera and share images created on film


One day while walking down a trail with my family I spotted through the trees what looked like a mini barn. Oooh, what’s that? Much to the chagrin of my family I hopped a chain link fence and did a little bit of trespassing to find out. Nestled on this beautiful piece of property was a tiny open barn (that is still begging for an outdoor boudoir session *wink wink*) a creek and beautiful overgrown trees perfect for photos. It was like I had discovered The Secret Garden. And bonus, it was within walking distance of my house! The only catch was there would be fence hopping and trespassing involved. So, I filed it away for the right session.

Enter Matt and Claire! Matt, a talented videographer at I Do Cinematics, is making my bio video for my new site coming out soon. eep! Can’t wait for that. After discussing their engagement session I knew they were the perfect couple for my “secret” location. And even better they were my first session that requested all film. Yay!

And to add even MORE awesomeness to this session, I was pleasantly surprised at how much Claire looked like the beautiful Meg White! You know, Meg White, the drummer from White Stripes? a.ka. greatest garage rock band ever, the band who introduced me to the blues, who made me fall in love with records again, who made the best covers ever, who I actually shed a tear for when they broke up, who’s lead singer I’d divorce my husband for! Yeah them.  *sigh* Claire, Meg…ya’ll are both so dang cute. :)


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