Outdoor boudoir session in Dallas Texas captured by Dallas photographer Jenny McCann.

Film Friday // Outdoor boudoir

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I am so excited to share this wonderful boudoir session photographed at 3825 bowen. Miss G’s fiancé is away in the military so we built the concept of the session around that. I started right away setting the mood with styling and clothing. I wanted to evoke the melancholy feeling of a woman left behind, yearning for her man to come back, who must carry on with daily life. Luckily for me, Miss G loved this idea and I was able to flex my styling muscles! I could not have done it without the help of my crazy talented hair/makeup artist Sarah Berry. I know some of my clients feel that professional hair and makeup is not necessary for their sessions but I can tell you these photos would not have been HALF as good and would lack that “polished” look without professional hair/makeup. It was such a treat to have everyone working together. It felt like the stars aligned for this session and rejuvenated my enthusiasm for photography. I need more sessions like this in my life!!!

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Miss G’s fiancé proposed to her while singing and playing this guitar so it was very meaningful to incorporate it in the session. How sweet is that!?

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