Dallas boudoir at white sparrow barn by Jenny McCann.Prasolite ring by H Stern jewlery, Dallas photographer.White sparrow barn wedding by Jenny McCann.Beauty and the Blush hair and makeup artist in Dallas.Texas film photographer Jenny McCann at White Sparrow.White Sparrow wedding bridal by Jenny McCann. Shop Gossamer antique veil at White Sparrow barn. Vintage veil by shop gossamer at White Sparrow.Dallas photographer Jenny McCann at White Sparrow.Beauty and the Blush hair and makeup by Dallas photographer Jenny McCann.Beauty and the blush hair and makeup by Jenny McCann.White sparrow barn wedding by Jenny McCann.Bridal session at White Sparrow barn by Jenny McCann.Dallas photographer Jenny McCann captures bridal session at White Sparrow.Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann at White Sparrow.

White Sparrow Barn Bridal Photography: The Story

While brainstorming ideas and locations with this beautiful client of mine we came up with the genius idea to do a boudoir and bridal combo shoot at White Sparrow. The idea of a combo photoshoot was so perfect I kept thinking why haven’t I thought of this before? The scene was set for this bride-to-be to transition seamlessly from her gorgeous lingerie and vintage veil into her wedding dress. A wonderful ah-ha moment. And best of all this concept falls right in line with my story telling approach. Just think of the unique album this will make!

So now I am calling all brave brides-to-be because I am really looking forward to more boudoir and bridal sessions like this!

Photography: Jenny McCann Venue: White Sparrow Barn Vintage lingerie: Gossamer Hair/Makeup: Beauty and The Blush

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