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I am so excited to share this wonderful boudoir session photographed at 3825 bowen. Miss G’s fiancé is away in the military so we built the concept of the session around that. I started right away setting the mood with styling and clothing. I wanted to evoke the melancholy feeling of a woman left behind, yearning for her man to come back, who must carry on with daily life. Luckily for me, Miss G loved this idea and I was able to flex my styling muscles! I could not have done it without the help of my crazy talented hair/makeup artist Sarah Berry. I know some of my clients feel that professional hair and makeup is not necessary for their sessions but I can tell you these photos would not have been HALF as good and would lack that “polished” look without professional hair/makeup. It was such a treat to have everyone working together. It felt like the stars aligned for this session and rejuvenated my enthusiasm for photography. I need more sessions like this in my life!!!

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Miss G’s fiancé proposed to her while singing and playing this guitar so it was very meaningful to incorporate it in the session. How sweet is that!?

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  1. Jenny – these are gorgeous. I love everything about them. The light, composition, emotion, the story-telling! Fantastic!

  2. heather

    these are seriously stunning! beautiful girl & beautiful work! LOVE.

  3. Jamie Rose

    These photos are incredible!! I’m absolutely in love and I’m hoping to make a trip to Dallas in my future for photos from you!!!

  4. erin

    Jenny! I love how these images tell a true story, the flow is fabulous – so beautiful! The laundry ones are brilliant!

  5. Emily A.

    Wow!!! Just wow! These are STUNNING! She is gorgeous and you did a perfect job with this shoot, jenny! She has one lucky fiancé! <3

  6. Marci Mortensen

    These are stunning!

  7. Sarah

    Incredible, gorgeous, amazing work. What a beautiful statement of love.

  8. Sera Petras

    I adore this session. Love the progression and the story it tells. I am in love with the shot of her holding the letters on the bed. Stunning!

  9. Mandy

    These are so lovely and elegantly photographed.

  10. Nicole

    Oh my word. These images are stunning. And that location is to die for! Gorgeous work!

  11. Rylee

    beautiful! these feel like theyre out of a movie!

  12. These are beyond perfection. Every single exposure is spot on. Amazingly beautiful!

  13. Holy crap. I mean seriously. This session is AMAZING. What a gift to have this session for her military man! Seriously…i love these so much. She is incredibly beautiful, and this shoot is so inspiring and moving. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  14. What the WHAT?! These are amazing. I am in love with the mood. Super 1940’s feel. Everything about this is amazing!

  15. These are SOOOOO classy. So well done.

  16. Sarisa

    These are really stunning! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous images. Love the subtle retro vibe–great work!

  17. Gorete

    These are absolutely stunning! Amazing work Jenny!

  18. WOW! What a beautiful story you created, and what a GORGEOUS lady! Is she a model? That husband is one lucky man.

  19. Jaime F.

    These are utterly enchanting and what an amazing gift. And I agree, pro hair and makeup just really kicks things up a notch! Beautiful woman, beautiful work!

  20. Lizzie

    Absolutely breathtaking. Every single shot, so tasteful and gorgeous!

  21. WOW!!!!!!! These are ridiculously gorgeous!!!!!! Great work– she is stunning!

  22. She could be a model! This is really beyond amazing! They will treasure these photographs for life!

  23. Beth Morgan Cowan

    These are STUNNING!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and her love will adore these images of her! This is such a wonderful session!

  24. probably one of the best shoots i’ve seen in a loooong time! she is gorgeous! And the images are breathtaking.

  25. Angela

    These are amazing Jenny! And shes completely gorgeous!

  26. Beautiful! What a gorgeous woman and stunning session!!

  27. She’s GORGEOUS– looks like a model! Props to the MUAH and photographer! :) My favorite is the close-up of her holding the laundry basket; all the little details pull that image together nicely. Jealous of how photogenic she is!!

  28. Kristen

    Completely adore this concept and styling. This woman is so beautiful and if she’s not a model, she should be. I love the warmth and emotion in these photos- it’s all just perfect! I’m sure her fiancé will freak.out. when he sees these :)

  29. this session is WOW…sooooo fun and beautiful and sweet! She is gorgeous!!! I am sooooo darn impressed with you Jenny…you are amazing!!! miss you! Tanja

  30. These are SO STUNNING! That girl is gorgeous!

  31. Buffy Dekmar

    Oh my! These are incredible. I wish I could see the look on her man’s face when he opens these. Nicely done, Jenny!

  32. One, she is gorgeous!
    Two, I love every single image you took!
    Three, you inspired me today !
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

  33. toni raper

    exquisite! I feel her longing, I adore her smelling her nubby’s shirt! What a beautiful woman and I think this session is incredible!!!

  34. Natalie

    love, love, love! Will you ask where she got that amazing white/floral dress hanging from the clothes line, please? THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Natalie, that dress is mine actually. I found it in the sale rack at TJMax or Marshalls…one of those.

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