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My little whippersnapper turned 7 … and unlike previous years where I put together some elaborate shoot to commemorate another birthday (i.e four five six) we threw this impromptu session together one day while I was scouting Lake Grapevine. Turns out I like the no-frills as much as the fancy. : )

Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann captures family.

Dallas family photographer Jenny McCann at Lake Grapevine.Dallas film family photographer Jenny McCann.Dallas family photographer Jenny McCann captures siblings.Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann.Dallas film photographer Jenny McCann.

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Booking 2016 weddings!

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The holiday season has come and gone and in its wake arrives the start of engagement season! Looking forward to hearing from all you newly engaged love birds out there. Congrats!

Dallas Art District engagement session. Dallas Turtle creek engagement session. Dallas Highland Park engagement session. Engagement session at Reverchon park in dallas. Reverchon park for an engagement session in Dallas.

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Engagement session by Dallas photographer Jenny McCann. 67 vw bug used at Dallas engagement session. Road trip themed engagement session in McKinney, Texas. Engagement session ideas by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann. Interesting engagement session ideas by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann. Volkswagen bug used by Dallas wedding photographer Jenny McCann. Dallas engagement session on kodak tri-x black and white film Casual engagement session by Jenny McCann dallas photographer.Texas film photographer Jenny McCann at engagement session.Engagement shoot ideas for Dallas couples.Classic car for dallas engagement session.Dallas couples in love at engagement session.

Dallas Engagement Photography Featuring Roadtrip Theme

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is brainstorming ideas for shoots. I love to create a unique experience with each client because truthfully I’d get bored to tears if I didn’t! This requires creative collaboration between the two of us and usually starts with a conversation where I ask questions about what they do for fun, their likes/dislikes, what they see when they mentally visualize their session, etc. While they talk, images start to form in my head and I pitch ideas…some are loved, others not so much. It can be a challenging “back and forth” at times, but other times, like this engagement session, collaborating can be a dream!

Lacee found me from this Cabin Engagement Session that was featured on the Green Wedding Shoes blog. This was a session I had dreamed up and put a lot of time, energy and resources into. I did it to not only release images that had been floating in my head for years but to also show people what I want to shoot. This was me putting it out into the universe, “hey, this is what I like to do and what I can do for YOU” It’s a gamble really, putting yourself out there. Sometimes it doesn’t work but this time it did by attracting several ideal clients. Go, universe! So when it came time to brainstorm with Lacee for her engagement session it was easy because we were already on the same page – she wanted something similar to the other session I styled and that’s what I wanted too. Crazy how the laws of attraction works, right? After talking with Lacee a bit, I learned she and Matt had recently moved from New York to Dallas and that’s when inspiration struck. “what if we incorporate your move into the session….like a roadtrip?” To my delight Lacee loved the idea. Here was my inspiration board.

Roadtrip engagement session ideas by Jenny McCann, Dallas photographer.

The next step was to create the look and feel for the session with clothing and props. Well, actually the next step was to convince my husband to fix his broken down 1967 Volkswagen Beetle so I could use it for the shoot. heh. That took some convincing but… the force is strong with me. For the styling, I knew with a VW bug and vintage suitcases the look could become trite if I wasn’t careful. It had to be modern, yet classic and feel like a real road trip. This is the suggested look I sent and once again Lacee was on board. Woohoo!

Engagement session ideas in Dallas, TX.

So that’s basically my process. I listen to personal stories, find one to latch on to and try my best to keep the location and styling cohesive. When these choices are made intentionally vs randomly (and if people are open to my ideas) the image quality can only go up and the session becomes a unique experience for everyone. I’m not saying my ideas are earth shattering – nor do the clouds part and rays of light from the heavens shine down on every image I take but I can guarantee a no cookie-cutter experience over here. And that’s a win/win in my book!

I have a Part II to share later from this same session if you can believe it! My cup runneth over with images of this gorgeous couple. Thank you Lacee and Matt for trusting me with the vision of your engagement session and thank you Grey Likes Weddings for featuring it on your wonderful blog!!

  1. Jenny, this is amazing! I love it. Your explanation of your process is great, too. Keep up the fantastic work! I’d love it if you could photograph us one day.

    • Thank you so much Christine!! I would love that so much. Come to Texas please!!!

  2. andrea

    Love this so much!!! congrats! and yes, cheering for you: Go Universe!!! …beautiful from the love in the air to the last shade of baby blue!!! Did you shoot this on film? xo

    • Thank you Andrea. I did shoot it on film!

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