Sweet and Sour

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Two little eyes
Discovering what’s new
Two little hands
Touching everything in view
A sweet little voice
Asking you why
A mischievous smile
And a whimpering cry
Two little feet
Jumping on the floor
A toddler’s mission
is to explore
(author unknown)

And to drive you stark raving mad!! My boy, my boy…my sweet little heathen child. Oh how you got your money’s worth outta me this weekend. I think we had about 12 baby meltdown’s this weekend…most in public places. Everything can be going along just fine…the picture of an angle child…then in an instant (and I literally mean instant) something so small can set him off. And that’s it…game over. And he’s not gonna let it go. He’ll hang on to whatever it is and repeat his want over and over until you think your head will explode.

But then look at this face…how can you stay mad? All I know is there is a fine line between precocious and just plain rotten.

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