Fun with Fog

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Just wanted to post these real quick. Sun morning was SO foggy. I could just see my neighbor’s house across the street. Anyway, I took Asa out and grabbed a few shots. These 2 cost me one chocolate.

I have to mention on this one Asa had just spotted our cat nosing at what we were up to. You can see he’s trying to snap to get her to come. So funny…how many cats do you know come when you snap at them. lol!

The fog had dissipated a bit by the time Sean woke up. But I made El Groucho go out anyway. (not much of a morning person he is)

just playin’ around…

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Christmas morning

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We had a great xmas morning! I was so excited I woke Asa up. “Asa get up! Santa came!” Asa gets up runs into the living room and said “where did he go?” He then proceeds to get mad because Santa already left. After a few tears, threats and compromises he reluctantly agreed to come open presents. Whew! That almost backfired on me! I’ll have to specify better next year.

Oh before I forget, this was our White Elephant gift from the Christmas Eve party we had. NICE!

Sleepy head “reluctantly” opening his stocking. (oh and in case you notice the grain in these next few pics…this is what happens when you leave your ISO set to 1600…errr)
My boys both got undies from me this year. Can’t go wrong with new socks and drawers! I found the coolest Paul Frank underoos for Asa.
Arggghh…shiver me timbers! I pirate ship with a million little pieces to get lost and/or step on while barefoot….haha…
Asa’s first trainset

And the flip flops that caused a meltdown in a store one day…”my flip flops! my flip flops!” ha HA!! See Santa rewards when you throw fits…hmmm…wait…what?
Trains…. Rockets…
Asa got it ALL!!! He’s so spoiled…And last but not least I got Asa this little kids digital camera. I was so excited to get this for him and he really likes it a lot! However, the pictures are the WORST quality I’ve ever seen. And it wasn’t cheap either! How hard is it to put kid proof plastic around a decent camera? It would have been better to buy a cheapo point and shoot and just replace it when it got broken. Oh well…he thinks its cool…


Check out my little budding photographer…
and the resulting shot.


Well, that was our Christmas morning! Hope you guys had a great day too.

  1. Dee

    Christmas looks cool, with kids.

  2. Dee

    Great pictures too.You a good mom. Why didn’t you get Sean some Paul Frank undies. I’m sure he would have left super manly in them.

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Happy Holidays!

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I hope everyone gets what they want from Santa. I know somebody who is SO ready for the big guy to get here. This is the first year Asa actually cares about Christmas and it’s been AWESOME using Santa as a bargaining tool. hahahahaha. Can’t wait to see his face tomorrow! Have a safe and happy Holiday!!

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