Jenny McCann is a Dallas photographer with family.
Hi I’m Jenny!!!

Photography has influenced the way I see life ever since taking my first classes in high school. It is how I express myself and I find nothing more captivating than images of our loved ones. It’s not just about a pretty picture for me. It’s about connection. It’s about discovering the heart of what makes us human. Our relationships with others help to define who we are and when I photograph I am looking for those perfectly synchronized moments of connection, emotion, and light. When everything just comes together. Whether it’s the excitement of a bride and groom’s first look at each other. Or the confidence a child feels from having a loving family. That’s the spark of human connection I look for. I live for these moments that grab my spirit and remind me that this is where I belong. This is what I was meant to do.

My bucket list
  • Learn to tango with my husband.
    Dallas Photographer wants to learn to Tango.
  • Rent an RV and take a cross country road trip with my family
    Dallas photographer wants to take family road trip.
  • Go to New York City and watch a musical on Broadway
    Dallas photographer wants to go see musical.
  • Learn how to play the ukulele.
    Dallas Photographer wants to learn to play ukulele.
  • To one day have a Humanitarian Photography opportunity.
    Doing humanitarian photography is a dream for Dallas photographer.
Things I love
  • Dropping the needle
    Rolling stones sticky fingers record on vinyl.
  • Hot yoga is my therapy. WORD.
    Keep calm and yoga on.
  • These two wildlings.
    Children laying in 4 leaf clovers.
  • FILM FILM and more FILM
    The Film vs digital debate.
  • Give me anything sci-fi/fantasy & I'm a happy nerd
    Original star wars and game of thrones fan.
  • This guy. Totally.    
    Snow in Texas.
  • The South. Born and raised.
    I love Texas.
  • Our fuzzy. Dora the Explorer.
    Cats in black and white.